SoundVault™ Doorsets

When you want state-of-the-art noise reduction for your business, commercial or laboratory environment, Eckel SoundVault™ Acoustic Doorsets provide unparalleled performance. Featuring advanced SoundVault™ technology, these acoustic doorsets are the trusted choice of leading engineers, architects and designers.

Why you need SoundVault™

Architectural design and outstanding performance
Better acoustic environment

Where to apply SoundVault™

Ideal for use virtually anywhere :
Pre-engineered, structurally strengthened doors​ combine outstanding sound control properties with unusual versatility in application
Featuring acoustic ratings up to STC-57, these advanced steel doors are engineered to stringent specifications for laboratory-certified performance. In test and research areas, installation of Soundvault™ Doors helps to achieve the proper acoustic environment.


Advantages of Using SoundVault™

Unique Flexibility

SoundVault™ Doorsets provide customization options up to 5” thickness. Sound-rated door panels and accessories allow a degree of construction freedom not found in conventional acoustic door systems. ADA compliant options are also available.

Excellent Acoustic Control

With the SoundVault™ system, both transmission loss and sound absorption are optimized.

Pre-Assembled and Aligned

SoundVault™ Doorsets can be fully factory assembled complete with hardwares for alignment and fit.

A Broad Spectrum of Applications

The versatility of SoundVault™’s industrial noise control applications is unmatched.

Easy to Install

Installation of SoundVault™ Doorsets is quick with minimal equipment.

Complete Range of Components to Satisfy Any Noise Isolation Need

The SoundVault™ Doorsets, offered in a broad selection of widths and heights, include various types of performance with many custom options.

Each SoundVault™ Door is custom tailored to your project’s needs.

SoundVault™ Performance

All acoustic performances and fire ratings of SoundVault™ Doors are independently tested and verified.


May vary depending on the order

Acoustic Rating

Featuring acoustic ratings up to STC-57, these advanced steel doors are engineered to stringent specifications for laboratory-certified performance.

ADA Compliance

SoundVault™ Acoustic Doorsets feature ADA compliance.

Window Construction

SoundVault™ Doors can be manufactured with an optional window in door for viewing access.

Double-glazed window is constructed using safety glass. The cavity between the two layers of glass shall be inset with a perforated steel spacer for a better seal and to allow for a better absorption of sound. Further, this space shall contain dehydrators to prevent the occurrence of condensation between the two layers of glass.

Door Construction

Standard doors are flush mounted on heavy duty cam lift hinges. A double magnetic gasket sealing system and flush sill seal design assures the acoustic seal. Many optional clear opening doors are available.

Door Finish

It shall be electro galvanized steel prime painted with standard shop gray prime or finish painted with polyurethane enamel. Linear White, Lux White, grey, and beige are available standard colors, special colors are available upon request.

Door Connection


Standard and Custom SoundVault™ Door Hardware


Hinges are designed for heavy duty security, blast and ballistic doorsets, and robust to withstand a long life of heavy use

Cam-Rise Hinge

Cam-Rise Hinges move the door up when opening and then lower it to create a tight seal when the door is closed

Industrial Strap Hinge

Industrial Strap Hinge is designed for heavy duty swing door applications where the door size, door weight, and frequency of operation is greater than normal

Clear Open Hinge

Eckel designed Clear Open Hinge allows a multi step sound door to swing open to its maximum clear open size dictated by the frame

Locking System

Locking systems are designed specifically for secure applications.

Single Point Locking

A high-performance, mortise, single point locking system designed specifically for secure applications.
The system can be unlocked via electronic access control system or via mechanical key.

Multi Point Locking

Multi point locking can be mortise mounted inside the cavity of door
This is a discrete mounting method to provide multi-point locking security while concealing the inner workings of the device
The system can be unlocked via electronic access control system or via mechanical key

Panic and Emergency Bar

The product is designed to provide single motion egress with a panic bar.
Optional, exterior locking trim is available.

Automatic Door Operator

SoundVault™ doorsets can be heavy, and they can be used with a special Automatic Door Operator for optimal performance.