Supersoft® Chambers

For Heavy Duty Testing

Eckel’s SuperSoft® panels provide a unique and economical design for environments requiring a high degree of noise absorption to create a ”Free Field” testing environment when the use of a conventional hemi-anechoic chamber may be impractical or unfeasible.

SuperSoft chambers utilize proprietary low-profile corrugated panels as the interior acoustic treatment to achieve baseline performance that meets ISO 3744 test standards and can also be engineered to meet lab grade testing criteria of ISO 3745.


SuperSoft® panel linings can be installed in a new or existing structure. They cover the walls and ceiling using a track and batten system. Fill density and panel spacing from the walls determine the acoustic performance. The “V” ridge facing design of the perforated metal panels enhances acoustic performance by reflecting unabsorbed energy back into the acoustic treatment rather then back into the host room.


SuperSoft® chambers are suitable for for:

SuperSoft® Panel Typical Performance

Panels are fabricated from V-ridged 22ga steel with dual density acoustic fill and are attached to supporting framework with 20 ga battens.

Eckel Noise Control Technologies remains firmly committed to maintaining the high standards we have set for ourselves and the industry. Eckel will continue to develop and introduce innovative products that will allow our clients to conduct testing and research projects in perfect confidence. Eckel produces the world’s best SuperSoft® chambers. Speak with an Eckel representative to learn more.