Listening Rooms

ETSI - Electronic Technologies Listening Rooms

Today’s technologies have never sounded so great, thanks in part, to Eckel Listening Rooms. ‘Branded’ sounds have iconically come to represent a product and its functions. Our Electronic Device Listening Rooms are ideal for testing larger house-hold appliances as well as smaller devices such as cell phones, computers, speakers, and other personal electronic devices. Ensure positive end-user satisfaction by capturing the perfect chirp, tweet, beep, pitch and tone of your electronic device, utilizing Eckel’s innovative Listening Rooms.

Recording artists and producers value Eckel Listening Rooms for accurate music appraisal and as Control Rooms for media production. Treat reverberation, absorb or diffuse frequencies, and fine-tune your studio to capture your unique sound – your way. Eckel acoustics engineers are available to provide a wide range of tuning services to help artists and producers tune or equalize the physical attributes of their studios and allow listeners to experience depth and clarity in the full dynamic range of high fidelity.

Acoustic engineers, music producers, and recording artists are able to critically assess their music and media production in high resolution, in an Eckel Listening Room. A custom designed monitoring and mixing environment provides quality results for your studio’s valued clients.