Acoustic Panels

Eckel’s Architectural Noise Control Panel Systems are specifically engineered to provide effective control of reverberation and background noise in almost any environment.

Acoustic panels are made of sound-absorbing materials and are designed to provide sound insulation by reducing the intensity of sound that passes through them.

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Acoustic Lay-in Panels (ALP) - Aluminum
Eckel Functional Panel (EFP) Type-2
Eckel Functional Panel (EFP) Type-2 HD
Eckel Correctional Panel (ECP) Type-2 FE

Acoustic Panel Selections

Eckel Functional Panel (EFP) Type-2
Acoustic Lay-in Panels (ALP) - Aluminum
Flat Functional Panels (FFP) Type-1 CE
Eckel Security Panel (ESP) Steel
Eckel Functional Panel (EFP) Type-2 HD
Acoustic Lay-in Panels (ALP) - Steel
Flat Functional Panels (FFP) Type-2 FE
Eckel Functional Panel (EFP) Type-3
Eckel Correctional Panel (ECP) Type-1 CE
Learning Functional Panel (LFP) Type-1
Eckel Functional Panel (EFP) Type-4
Eckel Correctional Panel (ECP) Type-2 FE
Learning Functional Panel (LFP) Type-2

Eckel Acoustic Panels


Untreated reflective and cavernous workplaces represent operational and personnel hazards.Spacious environments are typical of virtually every industry yet these conditions have been proven to negatively effect personnel and productivity. It is incumbent that an environmental assessment take place to identify the extent of excessive noise and reverberation and formulate a plan to mitigate such negative conditions


Noise and Reverberation negatively impact performance, productivity, health and safety. When left untreated, such poor conditions contribute to unsafe and unhealthy workplaces and impact an organization’s profitability and success. It is the responsibility of a given organization to investigate the issue and to address site conditions by providing an effective solution to mitigate excessive noise and reverberation.


Eckel architectural & engineering support services include acoustical analysis of building spaces. Room reverberation time calculations are offered as a service to architects and engineers, utilizing our computer model room analysis program. For existing facilities requiring acoustical correction, Eckel can measure before and after room reverberation time and noise levels in a full range of frequencies from 125 Hz to 8,000 Hz.


Eckel’s noise control panel systems offer architects and acoustic consultants a range of products to satisfy virtually any noise control requirements in a range of applications. Attractive Eckel Functional Panels (EFPs) are sound absorbing and fire-resistant. EFPs can be spot located on walls and ceilings to achieve effective yet economical noise control without relocating utilities. Eckel EFPs are the solution to noise control and reverberation challenges.

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