Flat Functional Panels (FFP) Type 1 CE Steel

When an acceptable level of quietness needs to be achieved, without compromising the room’s visual attractiveness, Eckel’s Flat Functional Panels are the ideal solution. FFPs feature superior acoustic performance and control sound. They are ideal for offices, schools, broadcasting or recording studios and music practice rooms, libraries, retail operations, and other commercial facilities.

Flat Functional Panels improve the acoustic environments in facilities where a “level of quietness” is required to be achieved without compromising the room’s visual attractiveness. For high humidity applications such as indoor pools or where panels may be exposed to oils or vapours, or for installation in dust-free clean rooms, the 2″ (51mm) thick, fine fibered, fibrous glass acoustical insulation may be enclosed in 1.5-2 mil flameguard polywrap. All EFP Types are available in 4′ (1.2m), 5′ (1.5m), 6′ (1.8m), 8′ (2.4m), and 10′ (3.0m) sizes, permitting application inlarge or small spaces, as well as, restricted areas. Standard panel size is 10′ (3.0m).

Sound Absorption

Encapsulated in a 2.0 mil (0.05 mm) flame guard polyethylene, Tested in accordance with ASTM C 423 and E 795: (Test Data below based on 30" x 120" Panel)

125 Hz

6.2 sabins

250 Hz

20.5 sabins

500 Hz

35.2 sabins

1000 Hz

34.5 sabins

2000 Hz

31.5 sabins

4000 Hz

33.1 sabins


0.99, minimum

Panel Construction

Capped end, Steel

Panel Thickness

2″ (50.8 mm) flat facing

Average Weight

30” x 120” (762mm x 3048mm) 43lb/20kg, 30” x 48” (762mm x 1168mm) 18lb/8kg, 30” x 60” (762mm x 1524mm) 22lb/10kg, 30” x 72” (762mm x 1829mm) 26lb/12kg, 30” x 96” (762mm x 2338mm) 35lb/16kg

Acoustical Insulation

2” (50 mm) thick, Density of not less than 1.5 pounds per cubic foot (24 kg/cubic m), Encapsulated in a 1.5 to 2 mil flame guard polyethylene, Fibrous glass, Fine fibred

Anchors & Fasteners

1/4” (6 mm)-20 x 1” (25 mm) long bolts to attach mounting brackets to the panels, aluminum panels require stainless steel, cadmium plated for steel panels, corrosion-resistant anchors for fastening brackets to substrate, See recommendations by panel manufacturer and by architect


4” (100 mm) of clearance between back of panel and mounting surface, Four 11ga (3mm) steel brackets per unit for attachment to walls and ceilings, Other bracket lengths available


Linear White, Lux White, Beige or Warm Grey; Other colors available


22ga (0.076 mm) electrogalvanized steel sheet, perforated with 3/32” (2 mm) holes on 3/16” (4.8 mm) staggered centers


20ga (0.9 mm) electrogalvanized steel, Channel shaped, Two 1/4-20” (508mm) threaded inserts for each framing member for attachment of panel mounting brackets


Factory applied, Polyurethane enamel paint

Flame Spread

10 Maximum

Smoke Density

10 maximum